New Salem 2nd Edition

Created by Overworld Games

A 2nd Edition of the drafting, set collection, and hidden identity game for 3-8 players.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Designer Diary
4 months ago – Thu, Oct 31, 2019 at 06:20:28 PM

Happy Halloween Constables!

It's been awesome seeing so many pictures on social media of everyone enjoying this game. If you haven't posted pictures, Halloween is a great day to do it! You can tag us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook while you do it so we can like/share too. It has also been amazing to see so many of you join us on the Zorro campaign too!

If any of you still don't have your reward or you have any other questions, you can email or send us a Kickstarter message and we'll get to the bottom of it.

Designer Diary on Drafting

If you want to know more about the game design decisions that were behind the rule changes between 1st and 2nd Edition, like why we stopped rotating drafting direction or why we changed it so cards were flipped face-up immediately after drafting, you can read the designer diary about it on BGG.

New Salem Rules in French Update

Chuck Norris found a typo in the French rules in the Resolving Trials section where it didn’t say that you add 2 Despair cubes to the town for each Puritan on trial. The amazing translator Julien has corrected that right here.


If you want to help more people find this game, you can rate it in either of these game pages:

The more attention this game gets, the more reason we have to keep expanding it so there's some selfish reasons for you to rate it too. :)

If we were to do another expansion, what would you like to see in it? Let us know in the comments!

Be safe out there tonight... the witches will blend in more than usual so they will be even harder to detect!

-Clayton and Brian

The Zorro Dice Game Launches
4 months ago – Tue, Oct 15, 2019 at 01:36:51 PM


Most of you have your games by now and, if you do not and you aren't already in contact with us, let us know through a Kickstarter message or emailing

Today we just wanted to let you know real quick that we launched a new campaign for The Zorro Dice Game in case you want to join us for that one as well. 

Do you have what it takes to become the next Zorro?

We'll keep updating you on New Salem as we have much more news to come on it.

-Clayton and Brian

Overworld Games Becomes PULL THE PIN GAMES
5 months ago – Sat, Oct 05, 2019 at 08:25:53 PM


As we eluded to in our previous update, we just announced some big news: We are changing our company name from Overworld Games to PULL THE PIN GAMES. Each game will come in a small, $20 package where you'll literally pull a "pin" to open each box. It will be very easy to learn and support a lot of players so everything about it will make it easy to get it to the table.

Our first game with this new box style is Good Cop Bad Cop 3rd Edition, which comes out in stores October 30th. Our first Kickstarter game with this new box style will be The Zorro Dice Game, which will launch on October 15th. In order to change our name on Kickstarter, they are requiring that we post this announcement on every campaign we've ever launched, so we apologize in advance if you receive multiple copies of this in your inbox over the next few weeks... but we'll also use the opportunity to give you the latest news about that particular campaign while we do it. 


So why change the name? Well, New Salem and other "bigger" games we've made are a lot of work. It's so hard to get every little card and component just right. We both (Clayton and Brian) have full-time day jobs and do this as a hobby so bigger games just take more time than we realistically have available. There is also a lot more risk involved in bigger games. They require more up-front funding because they cost so much more to make and ship. Plus, we've proven with other games in the past that we can pack a ton of "game" into a small package -- so we're going to keep doing that moving forward.

That means New Salem 2nd Edition is our magnum opus. The masterpiece we've been working on for so many years and the last large box game we'll ever make. We are so proud of this game and are so excited that all of you are about to experience it now. And this re-branding doesn't mean we will stop supporting or expanding our bigger games at all. As long as the sales justify it, we will most definitely make more expansions. However, they will all come in a smaller box and probably cost somewhere around $15. Low cost and high value is just our new style -- so get used to it. :)

All the Things Packaging

And now for some terrible news. We have received some reports from some backers of the All the Things level that their rewards were shipped WITHOUT A BOX! We are mortified about this. The offending packages were shipped from a fulfillment company in China called China Division, which is bewildering because they were gave such clear instruction about how these must be packaged. We normally don't call out a specific company like that, but these are extenuating circumstances.

When we described the packaging we needed to ChinaDivision, they even made us pay extra for the boxes and corner protectors so they could fulfill our requirements. But even then, we still wanted to double-check that they understood what we needed so we sent ourselves test shipments, as we mentioned in previous updates, and those were packaged brilliantly. On top of that, it took over 2 weeks from when we ordered these before they shipped them because they told us they were waiting for customized boxes to arrive. But that's not all. We even put as a comment on every single order that they must all have corner protectors, bubble wrap, and must be put in a cardboard box (these boxes are known as "cartons" in China). What more could we possibly do?

To those backers who are affected by this, we are incredibly sorry. We know now not to ever use China Division again, but that doesn't help you or the disappointed feeling you had when you received them. If you do/did receive games with damage, please send us a picture to so we can work with you on some kind of resolution.

Top 5 Tips on Re-Launching a Kickstarter Campaign

If you have any interest in reading about how we tackled re-launching New Salem 2nd Edition after a failed campaign, you can check out this article that Brian wrote about the process on Board Game Business to try to help future creators who are faced with the same challenge. For many of you, it may be pretty dry and it has a lot of "inside baseball," but I bet some of you will find it interesting.

That's all for now,

Clayton and Brian

All Rewards Have Shipped!
5 months ago – Fri, Oct 04, 2019 at 02:00:08 AM


The time has come. The witches are among us. Many of you have already received your reward, and if you haven't, it is about to arrive. If you haven't received it or a tracking number by tomorrow, let us know through a Kickstarter message or emailing

Assembling the Constable

We’ve had a few folks indicating that assembling the Constable has been a bit challenging, so we highly recommend you watch this video as you assemble it to avoid damage.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the chipboard has a flat side and a rounded side to it. You want the top of the "base" that the constable statue sits on to have the flat side up. So that means you are pushing all the chipboard pieces of the base through the rounded side of the slots. If that doesn’t make sense, the video has a visual reference here at 3:53.

The Secret Is in the Bubble Wrap

One of our early recipients almost lost a couple items because they were folded into a different layer in the bubble wrap so, even though your anticipation may compel you to feverishly rip open the shipping package, marvel at the game, and throw away the rest, try to restrain yourself and look through all the layers of packaging to make sure an event pack or meeple pack doesn’t accidentally get discarded. Thanks for the heads up, Sarah!

Upgrade Kit Backs

One of our Upgrade Kit backers noticed a difference in color brightness of the backs of their Building cards that we wanted to address. We used the same manufacturer, same card stock, and same image file for the back, but with 4 years in between print runs and other variations in the manufacturing process and machinery, it may not be a perfect match. But if you do see a difference, once you put the cards in any kind of sleeves, even transparent sleeves, any difference shouldn’t be noticeable. And even if it is, there won’t be a meaningful impact on the gameplay, especially with the new drafting rules in 2nd Edition where you flip each card immediately after you draft it.

Still, if you are not a sleever and/or you are still concerned about any differences in your Building backs, send us a Kickstarter message or email and we will find a solution because we want you to be completely satisfied with your reward.

All the Things Meeples

Since we last talked about this many months ago, we just want to remind our All the Things backers that they will receive 2 packs of New Salem meeples instead of 1 pack of those and 1 pack of Barker’s Row meeples. This will result in more variety of meeples for you, so even though it's different from the campaign page, it's actually better for you. More info can be found in this update under the section "The Meeple Mixup for All the Things Backers".

All the Things MeepleS

Sleeve Size

If you added on the custom sleeves, of course you don’t need to worry about buying sleeves now, but if you didn’t, here are card sizes for everything:

  •  New Salem 2nd Edition - 193 sleeves that fit 63x88mm
  •  Event Pack - 7 sleeves that fit 63x88mm
  •  Deluxe - 10 sleeves that fit 70x120mm
  •  Upgrade Kit - 82 sleeves that fit 63x88mm

Italian Translations

Stefano has updated his Italian rules translations and he even translated all the components!

Italian Rules: Translated Rules PDF

Translated Components:

Strategy Tips

You can check out some strategy tips for New Salem 2nd Edition on the Show Me How to Win channel:

Lastly, you may have heard about some exciting company news from us, but this is already a chock full update so we're going to post about that in a separate update.

Until then, happy hunting,

Clayton and Brian

Shipping Updates and How-to-Play Resources
5 months ago – Sat, Sep 14, 2019 at 11:56:00 PM


In this update, we will give you an update on shipping and give you a bunch of resources that will help you get up and running quickly so you can be ready for your New Salem Halloween party. Have you sent out your invites yet? This is probably the most important update you will receive as it contains so many juicy resources.

Golden Ray Capsizes

If you're paying attention to the news in the US this past week, you may have seen a report of a cargo ship capsized off the coast of Georgia at almost exactly the same day and place as our US games were scheduled to arrive there before heading to our US fulfillment center in Atlanta.

Photo courtesy of Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Whenever we have games on the ocean, my dreams are haunted by imagery like the one above so when I heard this news, my heart nearly jumped out of my chest as I furiously researched the vessel names and compared them to our shipping documentation. 

But thankfully, this was not our cargo ship and everyone on board was rescued. However, it has delayed activities in that port and our US games have not quite reached their US fulfillment center as originally planned. We are expecting the delay to be only a few days and the games should arrive this upcoming week with US fulfillment to begin immediately thereafter.

Fulfillment Dates

As we mentioned in the last Update, we are doing local shipments from different fulfillment centers and we can't put them into nice buckets like "all UK shipments will be shipping on this date" or "all Deluxe shipments will be shipping on that date" but I can give you a general feel for when yours will arrive. 

The bulk of the US and UK orders are expected to begin shipping near the end of this upcoming week and are on track to arrive before the end of the month. For all other countries and some All the Things backers in the US and UK, it will be a little sporadic where they could arrive this week, later this month, or maybe even into October depending on customs delays and how fast your local shipping is in your country, so keep an eye on your tracking numbers.

Tracking Numbers

You may receive 2 emails about tracking numbers: one from the fulfillment company and one from BackerKit. If your inbox is out of sorts or you don't want to hunt for emails, you can always log-in to your BackerKit profile using your Kickstarter email address to find your tracking number. The tracking number will appear there once it has shipped. If you don't receive a tracking number by September 30th, please send us a Kickstarter message or email


For those of you who learn better by reading rules, here they are for various languages:

The rulebook is longer than it is for most of our games, but not because the game is very complicated or hard to learn, it's just because it is filled with diagrams to help you visual learners compare what you read to pictures. So please don't let the size of it intimidate you -- you will FLY through it (or run if you're a Puritan).

How to Play Video

For those of you who prefer learning by watching a video, you can learn straight from me in the official How to Play video:

That video also has a link to a video showing you how to construct your Constable standee (you can figure it out on your own but this just has some tips to make it easier):

Upgrading from 1st Edition to 2nd Edition

These are instructions for everyone who got one of the Upgrade Kit reward levels or who have a GameTrayz insert. Anyone else can skip this section.

To upgrade from 1st Edition to 2nd Edition:

  • Replace all of your Events from 1st Edition with the 24 Events from the upgrade kit.
  • Replace all of your Characters from 1st Edition with the 10 Characters from the upgrade kit.
  • Replace all of your orange Gloom Buildings with the white Death Buildings.
  • Replace all of your blue Law Buildings with the black Justice Buildings.
  • Replace your 1st Edition rulebook with 2nd Edition rulebook.
  • Assemble the Constable and add it to your box. (it fits in the box fully assembled)
  • Add the 8 badges to your box.

If you got the Deluxe Upgrade Kit:

  • Replace the 1st Edition box with the 2nd Edition box.
  • Replace your Hope and Despair cubes with the engraved tokens.
  • Replace the chipboard badges with the wooden engraved badges.
  • Replace the poker-sized Character cards with the tarot-sized Character cards.
  • You can store your replaced items in that 1st Edition box but you don’t need to bring it with you for game nights.

If you have a GameTrayz tray:

  • Stack your Hope/Despair cups together into one stack when you put it away to make room for the fully-constructed Constable token.

See the Suggested Storage Configurations section below for pictures of each configuration you might have.

Suggested Storage Configurations

There are a lot of different configurations you may have depending on whether you got an upgrade kit or 2nd Edition, deluxe or standard, and GameTrayz or no GameTrayz. But don't worry, we have made it easy on you... just click on the link below for a picture of how we recommend you store everything for your particular version:

That's it for now! We hope all these resources are helpful. Your game will be in your hands soon!

Clayton and Brian