FAQ: New Salem 2nd Edition
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Are you using a pledge manager?

Yes we will, but all prices will go up as soon as this campaign ends, so the only way to get the lowest price is to back for what you want now.

Last updated: January 08, 2019 12:27

What is new in 2nd Edition?

After New Salem 1st Edition was released to backers and in stores, we listened closely to those who gave feedback on BGG, those who reviewed it, and those who contacted us directly about what they wished was different about it. We spent a long time deciding what to change and ended up creating what we believe is the perfect evolution of the game based on all of it. Here are the major changes:

  • Events: Instead of having the same 4 events available every game, there are now 23+ events (plus those we unlock in the event pack) that come out randomly and ensure each game you play has a different set.

  • Buildings: We replaced the Law buildings with the Justice buildings and the Gloom buildings with the Death buildings. These new buildings have an exciting endgame effect if you collect the set, which means set collection is another clue about whether someone is a Witch or a Puritan.

  • Constable and Badges: One player holds the title of Constable and places the 3D chipboard standee in front of them next to their new Badge. The Constable is the only player who can trigger events and the only player who can receive (but cannot give) Hope. Once they trigger an event, they choose who becomes their successor from those who have not yet been Constable (those who do not have Badges).

  • Box: The box is the same width and height but it is 1 inch deeper. It also has a new box cover image that shows more of the theme rather than elegant style of 1st Edition. This box is available in the Deluxe Upgrade Kit pledge level for 1st Edition owners who would like the bigger box (which still fits the GameTrayz tray accessory).

  • Card Backs: The Events and Buildings all have new card backs. If you pledge at one of the upgrade kit levels, your Building backs will match 1st Edition. You will not use any Events from 1st Edition so the upgrade kit will have the new backs for Event cards.

Last updated: January 08, 2019 12:33

Will the upgrade kit components fit in my 1st Edition box?

Yep, easily. You can even keep the Constable standee fully-constructed. If you have a GameTrayz tray accessory, read the next one for how that will work.

Last updated: January 08, 2019 12:30

Will my 1st edition GameTrayz tray work with 2nd edition and/or the upgrade kit?

It will! Although, we highly recommend getting the Deluxe Upgrade Kit reward level because it will come with the 2nd edition box that is an inch deeper. The tray was already a little tight in the 1st edition box so the deeper 2nd Edition box will give it an inch to breath. The key change you’ll have to make is that you will want to stack your hope/despair cups to open up a spot for the Constable standee. We’ll provide pictures in an update during local fulfillment with how we recommend you store it, but since we can’t have pictures in this FAQ, we will describe it with words in detail below for those interested.

  • Buildings: There are the same number of Buildings when you add the new ones because they all replace existing ones, which means all your handy Building deck slots still work perfectly. Because of these slots, you won’t need the card dividers in the deluxe reward level.

  • Events: All original events are replaced by new ones, and even though there are more new ones, there is plenty of room for a larger stack of them in their slot.

  • Constable and Badges: To fit the Constable standee in there, you’ll stack your Hope/Despair cups into a single stack when you put the game away. If you don’t get the bigger box, you’ll just have to remove the Constable standee from its slot and turn the Constable base upside down to form its own cup where you will store your Hope/Despair and/or badges.

  • Mat: If you get the deluxe upgrade, the mat will be thin enough that you can roll it up and it will fit nicely in between the Hope/Despair cups and the Characters/Events.

Last updated: January 08, 2019 12:31

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For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
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